Certified Blockchain Project Manager

Certified Blockchain Project Manager

Master the intricacies of Blockchain Technology: Drive Success in Decentralized Business Environments.

The Certified Blockchain Project Manager Program provides an unparalleled depth of knowledge in the principles and practicalities of Blockchain Technology. Our comprehensive, hands-on program dives into twelve immersive courses, each designed to equip learners with a clear understanding of key blockchain concepts, tools, and methodologies. Participants will gain a robust understanding of Web3 Foundations, Blockchain and Bitcoin intensive, AI Essentials, Blockchain Development Decision, Key Management, and the enterprise strategy for Blockchain. This program also features interactive sessions such as live AMAs and workshops led by industry experts, providing real-time insights and clarification on complex topics.

Our program offers a blend of theoretical instruction and practical exercises designed to help students grasp the mechanics of blockchain technology and its applications. Alongside this, the program explores how artificial intelligence can be leveraged in the blockchain landscape. Agile methodologies are woven throughout the program, from an introduction to the Blockchain Scrum Master role, Scrum methods for blockchain, Scrum Master Architecting Solutions, to Scaling Agile Solutions for Blockchain to a team-of-teams.

Courses in this Certificate Program

  • 56 Instructional Hours
  • OnDemand: 50 Hours
  • LIVE Instructor: 6 Hours+
  • Tuition: $1,695
Courses in this ProgramHours Delivery Method
Student Orientation1 HourLIVE Online (optional)
LIVE Instructor AMA - bi-monthly1 Hour +LIVE Online (optional)
Web3 Foundations3 Hours OnDemand - Instructor Supported
Blockchain Foundations6 Hours OnDemand - Instructor Supported
Blockchain and Bitcoin Intensive6 Hours OnDemand - Instructor Supported
AI Essentials3 HoursLIVE Online
EXAM VOUCHER - Web3 Foundations Level 1 Certification1 HourAI Proctored Online Exam
Blockchain Development Decision5 HoursOnDemand - Instructor Supported
Key Management3 HoursOnDemand - Instructor Supported
Introduction to Blockchain Scrum Master3 HoursOnDemand - Instructor Supported
Scrum Methods for Blockchain2 HoursOnDemand - Instructor Supported
Scrum Master Architecting Solutions by Combining Agile Methodologies2 HoursOnDemand - Instructor Supported
Scaling Agile Solution for Blockchain to a team-of-teams2 HoursOnDemand - Instructor Supported
Enterprise Blockchain Strategy15 HoursOnDemand - Instructor Supported
Enterprise Strategy Workshop3 HoursLIVE Online
EXAM VOUCHER - Blockchain Project Manager Level 2 Certification2 HoursAI Proctored Online Exam

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Blockchain Project Management Program Objectives

Upon successful completion of this intensive program, participants will be able to:

Gain a robust understanding of blockchain technology and its practical applications.

Learn how to make informed blockchain development decisions.

Understand how to manage cryptographic keys in blockchain applications.

Be able to apply Scrum methodologies to blockchain projects.

Understand how to scale agile methodologies across blockchain team-of-teams.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of AI essentials and how they can be integrated with blockchain.

Acquire practical knowledge on developing enterprise strategy for blockchain.

Learn about the current regulatory environments for Blockchain and Bitcoin.

Gain a clear understanding of the future direction of blockchain technology.

Be fully equipped to take on the role of a Blockchain Project Manager.

Certificate of Completion

Two Certifications from the Web3 Certification Board (W3CB)

Web3 Foundations Level 1 Certification

Blockchain Project Manager Level 2 Certification


A strong understanding of computing is required, but no prior coding or blockchain experience is required.

Target Audience

This program is designed for IT professionals, Project Managers, Business Analysts, Software Developers, and Consultants who want to deepen their understanding of Blockchain technology and advance their careers in this rapidly growing field.

Blockchain Project Manager Program Content

Web3 Foundations Course

Module 1: Understanding what Web3 is

  • Overview of Web3 features and architecture
  • The history of Web1 and Web2
  • Characteristics of Web3
  • Decentralization
  • Terminology

Module 2: Why Web3

  • Data is the New Oil
  • Why Web3 Matters
  • The Purpose of Web3
  • The flow of Talent to Web3
  • The transfer of Value from Web2 to Web3

Module 3: Web3 and the Metaverse

  • What is the Metaverse
  • Technologies of the Metaverse

Module 4: Blockchain Fundamentals

  • Blockchain is Not Bitcoin
  • Blockchain Definitions
  • History of Blockchain
  • Properties of Blockchain
  • 10 Key Concepts of Blockchain
  • How does Blockchain Work?
  • Consensus Types
  • Mining and Verification
  • Smart Contracts

Module 5: Understanding DeFi

  • What is DeFi
  • DeFi vs Traditional Finance
  • DeFi Activities
  • DeFi Risks

Module 6: Challenges, Risks and Ethics of Web3

  • Advantages of Web3
  • Challenges of Web3
  • Speed of Web3

Module 7: What comes after Web3?

  • What is Web3
  • Is there a Web4 and what is it
  • Is there a Web5

Blockchain Foundations Course

Module 1: Blockchain Background and Basics

  • Blockchain History
  • How Blockchain Works
  • What are the Properties of a Blockchain?

Module 2: Different Types of Blockchains

  • Private vs. Public Blockchains
  • Permissioned vs. Permissionless
  • Public vs. Private vs Hybrid Discussion

Module 3: Consensus

  • Consensus Mechanisms
  • Consensus Protocols – 14 examples

Module 4: Cryptography and Hashing

  • Machine/Mathematical Cryptography
  • Hash Function Properties

Module 5: Smart Contracts

  • Intensive Smart Contracts
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Smart Contracts
  • Blockchain Oracles

Module 6: Blockchain Wallets

Module 7: Pros and Cons

Module 8: Public Blockchain-Based Applications

Module 9: Blockchain and Crypto Regulation

  • Regulatory Opportunity and Challenges
  • Global Regulations
  • Regulatory View of Bitcoin

Module 10: Regulatory Reporting

Module 11: Distributed Autonomous Organizations

  • The DAO – Distributed Autonomous Organization
  • The DAO Attack – Legal and Other Issues

Module 12: Blockchain Today

Module 13: The Trilemma

Blockchain & Bitcoin Intensive Course

Module 1: Bitcoin Overview

  • Bitcoin and Cryptography Overview
  • Bitcoin Software & Hardware

Module 2: Technical Limitations & Mining Introduction

  • Technical Bitcoin Limitations
  • Bitcoin & The Lightning Network
  • Bitcoin Scripting & Mining

Module 3: Mining

  • Bitcoin Mining & Incentives
  • Technical Bitcoin Limitations (Part 2)

Module 4: Bitcoin vs Protocols 2.0, 3.0, 4.0…etc.

  • Blockchain V1 to Blockchain V2
  • Ethereum Clients, EVM & Solidity
  • Ether, Gas & Consensus Algorithms
  • BigChainDb, Tendermint & Hyperledger

Module 5: The New Database

Module 6: Payments, Voting and other Use Cases

  • Payments, Remittances & Identity
  • Voting, Trade Finance & Land
  • Blockchain & Ethereum Use Cases

Module 7: What’s next?

  • Preparing Your Firm For Blockchain
  • Evaluating Blockchain
  • The DAO & Blockchain Adoption

AI Essentials

Module 0: Introduction

  • A brief overview of AI and blockchain in plain language
  • Potential benefits of combining technologies

Module 1: AI Concepts

  • Key AI concepts like machine learning without jargon
  • Focus on real-world examples and applications

Module 2: Blockchain Basics

  • A high-level look at how blockchain works
  • Transparency benefits

Module 3: Use Cases

  • Examples of AI and blockchain applications (see Use Case link)
  • Benefits to consumers and industries

Module 4: Ethical Considerations

  • Data privacy, security, and other ethical aspects
  • Emphasize the importance of ethics in technology development

Module 5: Challenges and Opportunities

  • Challenges like bias in AI and the adoption of blockchain
  • Future opportunities and impact on society

Module 6: The Future

  • Where AI and blockchain are heading
  • Potential impact on jobs, businesses, and daily life

Module 7: Key Takeaways

  • Main points about AI, blockchain, and their promise
  • A look at a more transparent and empowered future

Blockchain Development Decision Course

Module 1 – Development Essentials

Module 2 – Platforms

Module 3 – Hosting and Mining Decisions

Module 4 – Associated Technologies

Module 5 – Development Languages

Module 6 – Security and Implementation Goals

Module 7 – Risk Management

Module 8 – Digital Transformation & Summar

Key Management

Module 1: Key Management Overview

  • Introduction to Key Management
  • Public Key Cryptography

Module 2: Key Generation

Module 3: Key Management and Storage

Module 4: Risks

  • Risks of Poor Private Key Security
  • Third-Party Key Storage

Introduction to Blockchain Scrum Master

Module 1: Introduction to Blockchain Scrum Master

  • Agile Scrum Intro
  • Agile Family of Methodologies
  • Agile Manifesto Values

Module 2: Agile Economics, Managing, Options, Myths and Benefits

  • Agile Economics
  • Options Benefits Myths – Reading Assignment
  • Agile Options Benefits Myths

Module 3: Scrum Master Role, Scrum Roles, Teams, Basics

  • Scrum Pillars Values
  • Scrum Terms, Roles, Team
  • SM PO Characteristics User Story Tasks
  • PO Characteristics User Story Tasks

Module 4: Iteration Basics and Elements

  • Intro to Iteration
  • Interaction Execution
  • Concluding Iteration
  • Scrum Artifacts

Module 5: Blockchain Elements Leadership

  • Blockchain Aspects Leadership
  • Elements and Components

Scrum Methods for Blockchain

Module 1 – User Stories

Module 2 – User Story Estimation

Module 3 – Team Velocity

Module 4 – Scrum Events

Module 5 – Prioritize the Backlog

Module 6 – Scrum Reporting

Module 7 – Scrum Teams

Module 8 – Risk Management

Scrum Master Architecting Solutions by Combining Agile Methodologies

Module 1 – Architecting Solutions and Continuous Integration

Module 2 – Lean Methods

Module 3 – Dev Ops and Release Management

Scaling Agile Solution for Blockchain to a team-of-teams

Module 1: Scaling Agile Solution

Module 2: The Scaled Agile team-of-teams and the Agile enterprise.

Module 3: Agile for Device Emerging Technology

Module 4: Business outcomes.

Enterprise Blockchain Strategy Course

Module 1: Basics of Blockchain Part 1

Module 2: Basics of Blockchain Part 2

Module 3: Understanding Smart Contracts

Module 4: Blockchain Security / Risk

Module 5: Understanding ICO’s and Cryptocurrencies

Module 6: DAO (Distributed Autonomous Organizations)

Module 7: Use case examples of how blockchains are being used today

Module 8: Blockchain Use case Solution Workshop

Module 9: Blockchain Pros and Cons

Module 10: Barriers to Adoption

Module 11: How to prepare your firm for blockchain;

Module 12: Regulatory Impact on Blockchain

Module 13: What does Blockchain Future Look Like?

Module 14: Leading in a Technological Disruptive Market

Program Info

  • Dates: Rolling Enrollment
  • Location: OnDemand & LIVE Online
  • Tuition: $1,695
  • Tuition Assistance
  • 56 Total Hours
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Additional Information

  • Module Quizzes and Knowledge Checks
  • Guest Lectures & Networking
  • Student Orientation
  • LIVE Online Instructor AMAs
  • LIVE Workshops

Certification Competencies

The material covered in this course contributes to 100% of the Focus Areas as defined in the Web3 Certification Association (W3CB) Exam Competencies.

Level 1 Web3 Foundations Certification Exam

Level 2 Blockchain Project Manager Certification Exam

Advanced Certification Track


  • AI Essentials
  • Web3 Foundations
  • Blockchain Foundations
  • Blockchain & Bitcoin Intensive
  • Exam Voucher: W3CB Web3 Foundations Level 1 Certification
  • Blockchain Development Decision
  • Key Management
  • Blockchain Enterprise Strategy
  • Fundamentals of DeFi & Primitives
  • Non-fungible Token Essentials
  • Tokenomic Essentials
  • Understanding L1 and L2 Blockchains
  • Exam Voucher: W3CB Blockchain Enterprise Advocate Level 2 Certification
  • Introduction to DevOps
  • Information Security and Cyber Risk Awareness
  • Risk Management for Blockchain-Based Technology Companies
  • Data Protection Regulation: GDPR, CPRA/CCPA
  • OFAC Compliance Essentials
  • Introduction to Blockchain Scrum Master
  • Blockchain Architecture 101
  • Blockchain Architecture 201
  • Exam Voucher: W3CB Blockchain Enterprise Professional Level 3 Certification

Alternative Program to Consider


  • AI Essentials
  • Prompt Engineering 101: AI Chat Bot (ChatGPT)
  • AI Prompt Engineering 201: Advanced Topics
  • AI Prompt Engineering 301: Developer Topics
  • Mastering Image Generative AI
  • Mastering Music Generative AI
  • Exam Voucher: W3CB AI Prompt Engineer Level 1 Certification